Thinq on Purpose is your platform for "Will Development". A Judgement-Free Space where you learn, share, connect to break your Inner Barriers and Grow.


Your Inner Fitness First.

Our Textbooks & Traditional Parenting have never taught us how to address our inner challenges like low self-belief, low self-worth, low self-confidence, fear of failure & high self-doubts. Why? Because we fear Judgement.

As a result, you keep on suppressing these issues, keep Over-Thinking and hold back your ability to Act & Grow in life. There is endless action in your mind, but in reality, your life seems stand-still.

At ToP, you get Structured & Action oriented solutions that uproot your deeply held inner challenges and set you up for:



Learn to deep dive into your challenges and find out, "Why" do you have this negative, self-depreciating thought pattern & "What" can you do to get rid of it.


Get rewired within, through powerful systems. Start making decisions, facing challenges & communicating your mind. Become confident enough to overcome your fears and put your life to the next level.


Stay motivated & act with consistency as we keep you accountable. How? By giving you structured daily action plans & support of a true Judgement Free ToP Community of Action-takers.

Enter the Ecosystem of

Your Growth.

We all have this desire to be the best version of ourselves, one who is proactive, is confident, has thriving relationships, earns more money, is purposeful, happy & fulfilled. Ever thought "how will I get that life when I am not taking any action about it?" at ToP we believe "Action cures Everything", as your happiness and growth reside in your consistent progress.

Which is why you get supported by an ecosystem of your personal development that comprises of:

Online courses

Online Programs

Get the answers to your most pressing inner challenges & solve it through the self-paced transformation system. All the learning programs are designed to help you with concepts, action plans along with ongoing support and assistance from ToP experts throughout your journey.

Weekly mastermind

Mastermind Community

You just don't invest in a flagship program, you become join a growing community (over Telegram) of action-takers. These become your accountability network, your future companions & life-long friends.Join ToP Experts in LIVE Weekly group mentoring calls for consistent hand-holding & new breakthrough strategies.

Nehaa Beotra mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Work with ToP Experts one to one.

Get personal guidance on how to overcome your specific inners barriers that are holding you back from your consistent Growth. Get robust solutions on "What" you need to do & "How" do you do it as well

The only thing you need

to turn your life around is

Taking inspired "Action".

What Action-Takers like You

have been able to achieve.

charan testimonial

"I got a job within 45 days of working on my Growth."

- Naga Charan Meda

Pradish testimonial

"I can handle situations with confidence without getting frustrated"

- Pradish Krishnan

Sanjivani testimonial

"I speak less & I do more. I have taken my life to the next level".

- Sanjivani Navalkar