3 biggest enemies of success you need to avoid


‘Obstacles are the cost of greatness.’ - Robin Sharma

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You must be familiar with the phrase ‘change is the only constant,’ but does change always mean growth? Everyone wants to be successful in life, right?

You, me, and all of us are working towards making something successful- be it our life goals, relationships, or careers.

While we’re focusing on the destination, we forget to embrace the journey, which not just comes with small wins and milestones, but obstacles and failures.

When you’re working towards achieving something, you lose sight of things that can hold you back. You don’t pay attention to them, and it takes a toll on you.

99% of the successful people you see today have faced many obstacles, be it the 1000 rejections that Colonel Sanders faced as the founder of KFC or the fact that Steve Jobs sold 5-cent coke bottles to buy food after graduating college because he had no money.

Imagine if they would have given up because of setbacks, failures, and experiences that came in between their growth.

Let’s look at the 3 enemies of success you must avoid and, instead, focus on the goal.

1. Sluggishness - an enemy of success

laziness an enemy of success

Sluggishness, laziness, and procrastination are among the biggest enemies of success because it makes you not want to do things you’re otherwise very enthusiastic about doing.

If you let sluggishness get to you, it can pile up work, decrease work quality, and result in delayed timelines, all of which hinder your growth and progress.  

While it’s okay to laze around occasionally when you’ve done a lot of work and need a break, but when it becomes a constant part of your life and interrupts your ability to carry out tasks daily, it creates a problem.

Here are some ways to stop feeling sluggishness and get on with your work:

  • Prepare a schedule, work according to that. Follow the 90/20 rule where you work for 90 minutes before taking a 20 minutes break. 
  • Maintain a to-do list to be clear on your day’s priorities and cross off items as you keep completing them. This will give you a boost every time you tick off an item.
  • Drink lots of water while working and have meals on time so you don’t feel lethargic.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours at night and avoid using your mobile and laptop 1 hour before and after you hit the bed.
  • Include exercise and walking in your routine to get your energy up.

Laziness can happen because of a lot of reasons.

‘I need to do this task perfectly, so I’ll do this later.’ In reality, the task never gets completed.

‘I still have 2 more days to finish it, I’ll do it tomorrow.’ It never gets done, only pushed.

These situations turn into feelings of regret when you watch others grow or assess your progress. The best way to deal with it is to stick to your schedule and do everything to avoid the need to push tasks to later.

2. Fear of Judgement - Enemy number 2 of Success

enemy of success

When you’re walking the path to success and achieving your goals, you constantly think if what you’re doing will be liked by people. In contemplating this, you avoid doing some things that may invite judgment or criticism because you don’t want to be in a compromised situation.

The truth is that fearing judgment comes from a place when you second guess your actions and seek validation from people. Instead, do what you’re doing with utmost confidence, not thinking what other people might say or think about you.

Your actions will take you to the top, and their thinking will only hold you back. Quitting things just because failure, mistakes, and doing out of the box things invites a little criticism is because you fear judgment and taking risks.

Stop paying attention to what other people think or say, do what you want to because the view is amazing from the top. If every successful person in this world started paying attention to other people, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Consider doing these things to overcome the fear of judgment:

  • Talk to yourself, find the source of your fear, and get to the root.
  • Understand that you’re the only sense of validation you need.
  • Invest in yourself by talking to a mentor or coach who can guide you through this
  • Focus on your goals, shut your ears towards anything that doesn’t make you grow
  • Surround yourself with people who want to see you move forward because you’re the product of the people around you.

Judgment is inevitable, you can’t stop people from saying anything, but you can control your reaction towards them. The day you get a hold of your emotions and develop a thick skin, you will never have to look back!

3. Lack of Self-Awareness

enemy of success

Do you know that you are the solution to your problems, and still, you look for answers outside? Let that sink in.

Half your problems and obstacles will run for their life if you pay attention to yourself.

Lack of self-awareness blindfolds you from the strengths and weaknesses you possess because of which you either take criticism and failure too personally, or you dwell in your own thoughts when someone compliments you.

When you’re not aware of your thoughts and feelings, you feel like the world is falling down, and nobody can help you. But where you forget to look for a solution is inside yourself.

Being aware means acknowledging your strengths, embracing your weaknesses, and trusting that you have a long way to go. Whatever you think or feel comes from a place of awareness, and most successful people today, have control over their thought process.

So, here’s how you can practice self-awareness:

  • Write down your weaknesses and strengths. Don’t blurt them out on a paper, but spend some time analyzing and then writing them down.
  • Ask your close ones what they think are your strengths and weaknesses, and what you should improve on.
  • Spend 10 minutes every day talking to yourself.
  • Whenever you get feedback, ask questions to understand it better.

Being aware is one of the biggest assets you can have as someone walking the path to success. Develop it with growing curiosity.

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The road to success is bumpy, and it might even have potholes, so it’s important to look where you’re going.

You’re the biggest obstacle that you’re most likely to face on that road, and avoiding them is only possible if you pay attention to yourself and have your chin up high always.

There’s a lot of noise in this world, and if you start paying attention to them, you’re going to be distracted. So, the best way is to narrow your vision, focus on yourself, and work your way towards your goals.

You’re the solution to the problems you face, so whenever you face them, try to get to the root of it and solve it. If not, investing in a coach is the best investment you can make for yourself.

Prioritize yourself over everything else.

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