Building a Judgement-Free Community


What determines the quality of your life today?

Your inner fitness, your mental and emotional wellbeing. It is the source of your thriving relationships, heartfelt conversations, growing career graph, wealth & self-growth. It is a sad reality that giving our inner fitness a priority was never taught to us by our school or traditional parenting.

Our fear of being Judged, makes us suppress all of our inner challenges. At ToP we want to address them openly, remove the stigma of judgement around it & heal you from within.

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Meet Nehaa

By the age of 30, I had already suffered an auto-immune disease, decade long broken relationship, a high paying job that I was desperate to get out of. I couldn't confront anyone or speak my mind.I didn’t know what purpose I had in life.

Today I am the founder of this success and growth platform, awarded as Iconic woman by Women Economic Forum, Speaker at Unplugged by TEDx Gateway, alumni of TISS, NLP & Vipassana Practitioner, Certified Psychometric assessor and a Perception Changer.

In the last 3 years, I have helped hundreds of individuals in overcoming their internal barriers and become confident action takers. All this through a system that has powered my own transformation from living in doubts to a life that is full of happiness and driven by purpose.

As I always say, Stop Suppressing it, Start addressing it. Know more

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Meet Gaurav

As the Co-founder of Thinq on Purpose I am focused at making this platform accessible to all those people who are determined to move their life to the next Level.

With more than 2 decades of experience in business development with startups and global giants like SAP, there were so many times I've felt the ever increasing gap between our reality and our desired life.

Today's competitive landscape and elevated stress levels have led people to live with their deep inner challenges like low self-image, low self-worth, low self-confidence & high self-doubts.

There were times I felt it too.

So when I chose to move out of my Corporate career I started to find the answer on how to fill this gap, with "technology first" as an intention.

If you are reading this right now, let me congratulate you for taking the most important decision of your life i.e. giving your inner fitness a priority.

So Let's get started! Know more..