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Start Addressing it!

laptop mock up for online course Overcome your fears and insecurities

Overcome Your Fears And Insecurities (Free Course)

How does it feel when you see other people growing ahead in life and your life seems stand still? By now you also know that your fears, self-doubts and inner insecurities are costing you a lot. So what is the hold up?

  • Ask the 3 right questions to yourself to get to source of your challenges.
  • Understand how you are wired within.
  • Learn a simple 5 step system to get your growth going.
  • Meet your deeply held self-image that is holds you back.
  • Get your Workbook for hands on implementation.

Poster of Perception Mastery program

Perception Mastery Program - 3 day Online Workshop

Do you feel that your Career or Personal life has stopped Growing? Are you stuck in the loop of Overthinking? Are you sitting on your problems, which is leaving you confused & Irritated all the time?

What if I tell you, that the source of all your problems is your Perception & mastering is very simple.

  • Get immense Clarity & Stop your mind being scattered all over the place.
  • Learn to feed your mind with positive, empowering thoughts.
  • Start converting perceived Obstacles to Opportunities.
Banner for mind clarity blueprint

Mind Clarity Blueprint

Hate Overthinking? You Deserve to have Clarity and Focus. Often certain things in our past can keep affecting us for a long time. Understand What Triggers your Loop and learn to Embrace it. Accept your thoughts and Filter out everything unnecessary that crowds your mind.

  • Learn how to accept and embrace your Past experiences.
  • Find out your triggers and tweak them.
  • Start managing your train of thought and staying on the right track.
  • How to find clarity in the most confusing time.
  • Keep yourself accountable, leading to better assertiveness.
Banner for online course Goal Achievement Framework by Thinq on Purpose

Goal Achievement Framework

Be Honest. Are You Procrastinating or Progressing with Your Goals? Understand Why you set certain goals for yourself and Create an Unstoppable Action Plan. Hold yourself Accountable and get Feedback from hundreds of other Community members.

  • Learn how to take away the stress which comes with the pressure of achievement
  • Understand how our subconscious holds you back and reprogram it
  • Get clarity regarding why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Start dealing with procrastination and take action
  • Understand Why Fear is fuel.
Start Expressing Yourself - online course by Thinq on Purpose

Start Expressing Yourself! (mini course)

We ARE Social Creatures. Step up Your Communication Game! We get it. You might be nervous. Or anxious about your social interactions. But We Can defeat this evil together. Start Being in the Moment and creating Epic Social Experiences.

  • Understand Why you freeze up in social interactions.
  • Understand the importance of Being in the moment.
  • Start taking action and bulldoze your social anxiety.
  • Finding the root and letting go of the fear of judgment.
  • How to be bold enough in the face of risk/diversity and create new experiences.


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