Take the Stress out of your Goal Achievement

9 simple steps to follow for crystal clarity on your goals and how to achieve it.

Get me closer to my Goals

Is this you?

When you want to lose weight and plan on waking up at 5 in the morning, do you wake up when the alarm goes off, OR do you snooze and lose?

When you want to make more money, do you go for overtime and put in the extra effort, OR do you say “Definitely Tomorrow!” and hang out at the bar with your friends?

When you want to expand your business, do you work yourself into the ground trying to find new ideas and investment opportunities, OR do you keep procrastinating and eventually get comfortable?

A vast majority of people get busy drafting new plans but often forget to or fall short when they execute and follow through.

And so many of us set goals that are not even ours. For OUR lives.

If you feel you can see yourself in that situation, this program is for you.


Goal Achievement Framework is

Framework to achieve goals

30 minute 9 step Powerful Framework

why do we set goals

Tune into your very core understanding of why you set goals

Not achieved goals

How consistently not achieving your goals affects you

"And at the same time helps you become self-reliant by training your subconscious mind to work in favor of your goals.

It is a step by step practical guide that not only helps you identify what you want out of life, but teaches you a practical approach on how to do it through a comprehensive goal achievement process."

How Goal Achievement Framework Works for You?

goal achievement

Taking Charge of your Life

This is for someone tired of being on the sidelines. Who’s working so hard every single day, but somehow keeps getting derailed or just falls short. It helps you create a structure of action and how to follow through. Helping you transform your mindset dramatically.

Tried and Tested

After years of working with different people, analyzing various details, behavioral patterns, and identifying loopholes, Thinq on Purpose created this course. An imperative tool for success with your goals and building perspective, backed by critical data and feedback from tons of community members.

After this program you will have:

Clarity on where you want to go and how to go there.

icon depicting clarity

Clear direction on what you want out of life.

arrow pointing in the right direction

Why is achieving that goal so important?

icon for goal achievement
Icon depicting inspiration

How the subconscious mind holds you back and how can you manage it to work for you? 

icon for confidence

Why you keep making excuses and how to deal with them if they surface.

keep moving ahead

Using fear as a fuel, instead of something that keeps holding you back.

Your Curriculum


The secret reason why you don't Achieve your Goals

  • A 9 step Secret I found for achieving my goals, which nobody taught me


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 1

  • Finding out a goal that gives you the most satisfaction.


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 2

  • Time for timelines


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 3

  • Confront your "EXCUSE KILLERS"


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 4

  • Use Your Fear as Your Fuel


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 5

  • Nothing great has been achieved till the time this 1 step is taken


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 6

  • This is how you can "Achieve" your Goals! Finding the Un-Controllable


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 7

Your Beliefs Needs Evidence, do you have one?


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 8

  • Convert your BIG FAT Goals to 1 daily Action


Goal Achievement Framework - Step 9

  • Give your reality a different Perception
Nehaa Beotra

Meet Nehaa

Perceptions shape your reality and if you are not happy with your reality, time to shift your perception."

Your perceptions define your reality. Look closely. If you’re not satisfied with the way your reality turned out, it’s time to change your perceptions. The way you think guides your actions. Your actions guide the present and its results. 

Life is hard. We can’t always control how things might turn out, but what we can control is the way we process it and act on it.

You know that you deserve more .

You deserve that promotion, your dream partner, that successful business, peace, happiness & more. And all it takes is a few simple steps and a little commitment.

So allow me to guide you. Trust yourself and take the first step.


When will I get access to the content?

You will get instant access to the program the moment you invest in it. You will receive an email with your invoice and the login details so that you can start learning immediately.

Is there a refund to this program?

You get 100% access to the program upon making the investment, thus there is NO REFUND applicable to this.  

What do I need to start this program?

It is recommended that this program is taken in a quiet conducive place because it caters to deep level of you inner breakthrough concepts and self reflecting meditative stances. It is always good that you plug an ear phone for additional sound clarity. Your phone or laptop where you access the course needs to have a good internet connection. A pen and a notebook for noting down the Golden Keys shared through out the session.

Where do I write for clarifications?

Please write to us: and we shall respond in 2 working days (Monday to Friday, India Standard Time).  

Do I get a completion Certificate?

Yes, upon completing the program you will receive a link to download your Program Completion Certificate instantly.    

What is the duration of the program?

The program is of 30 minutes and should be ideally learnt in one go.  

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