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This is a story about Astha who is a young girl from Varanasi. Until today she has had 75 bone breaks, multiple rod surgeries in her body

She is leading a bedridden life for the past 20 years. She is suffering from an incurable disease but that does not stop her from anything. This is an interaction between Nehaa Beotra where she seeks the answers and Perceptions from Astha – The fighter girl , on her world view.

What will you learn:

1.  How to overcome problems in life?

2. How to handle rejections in life?

3. How to motivate yourself? 

4. How do you work on your consciousness?

5. What is Astha’s message to the world?

So let’s meet Astha to know her story.

Nehaa: Despite having so many problems and struggles in life. What is that one thing that keeps you going?

Astha: In one word, my mother, she is the sole reason that kept me going. She has always encouraged me to do something good with my life and that became the reason for me to do the best possible with my life irrespective of the challenges. The smile on her face is the biggest motivation for me to work hard and never give up.

Poster of Perception Mastery program

Do you feel that your Career or Personal life has stopped Growing?

Are you stuck in the loop of Overthinking? Are you sitting on your problems, which is leaving you confused & Irritated all the time?

What if I tell you, that the source of all your problems is your Perception & mastering is very simple?


Nehaa: "During the Counseling of your MBBS exams, despite clearing the exam you were rejected because of your physical disabilities. How did you face that trauma and overcome it?"

Astha: I was completely shattered as my whole career was destroyed after that rejection. I had worked hard for the exam even though I had avoided my physical conditions while preparing for it due to which my hands and body became even weaker. I didn’t have any clue what to do in life. For the next 1-2 years, I was in mental trauma. 

Once I saw a post on Facebook, of an animal beaten brutally and I shared that post with my views on it. Slowly I started writing about animals and people started liking my articles. These appreciations and work for animals gave me immense confidence to overcome my failures. 

After that, I joined the Animation course in Arena animation, it was a diploma course. The teachers from the institute used to come to my home to teach me. There I learned about graphic designing, animation, and a lot of other things.

I just realized that it’s only me who has to do something to move me to the next level.

Nehaa: "What inspired you to become a YouTuber and start your channel?"

Astha: I always wanted to start my Youtube channel but I didn’t know what I should talk about? What content should I deliver? Then someone told me that

I am the content, and inspiration!

I just have to share my stories and struggles to inspire people. There are thousands of people looking for a ray of hope, and you are the hope for them.


Nehaa: "It is said that “Disability is never in the body it is always in the mind.” What are your thoughts on this?

Astha: Yes. The disability is always in the mind, never in the body. I am not disabled, the disabled are those people who think I am disabled. But to overcome these bitter views of society you need a lot of willpower, confidence, and consciousness.

Nehaa: You are a video editor and graphic designer, these skills need a lot of creativity. It is said that you get inspiration from different things. Now in the situation you are, when your movement is restricted. How did you get the inspiration for creative work?

Astha: My world of imagination is enough for me to be creative. It is limitless, I don’t need any inspiration from the outside world. When I have to be creative, all I have to do is close my eyes and let my imagination go wild.

Creativity comes from letting yourself be free.


Nehaa: "How do you work on your consciousness?"

Astha: Every day, I ask myself several questions like

“Did I add any value to someone’s life today?

“Did I do something wrong today”?

The answers to these questions help me to become better every day. These answers help me to become what I want to be.

The reason why people don’t become what they want to be is because they don’t question themselves. 

Nehaa: Any particular reason for you to work for animal rights?

Astha: I am doing this because my heart says so. There is no particular reason for that, I have always raised my voice against the evil in the society. I feel that what is happening with the animals is wrong and I want to raise my voice against it to become their voice, thus I am doing this from the depth of my heart, not because of my brain.

Nehaa: "What message do you like to give to the people?"

Astha: Your destiny is like an empty book and your actions are the pen. You have to write your own destiny, else it will always be empty. Take action to write your destiny. 
Even the smallest tree contributes something to this universe. Ask yourself, what is your contribution to it?

Always live in the present and don’t let your past ruin your future.

Nehaa: Well, that’s a very fruitful conversion. Thank you so much, Astha, for joining us here. You are a true inspiration and a real action taker.

astha the fighter girl


Astha -The fighter girl lives in Varanasi , born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. it is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affects the bones, the fragility and deformity increases gradually. But that’s not her identity.

She is a Graphic Designer, VFX, SFX, 3D Model, Texture, Lighting Rendering and Animation with Interior and Exterior Visualization. Now I’m working as Freelancer 3D Visualizer. She also has a Youtube Channel that you can subscribe to.

We at THINQ ON PURPOSE are proud to partner with Astha for our graphic designing work.

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