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Meet Suman, who lives in a remote village in Delhi and works with women on their menstrual hygiene. Suman’s life has inspired an Oscar-winning movie called “Period. End of Sentence” This is the transcript of Suman's interview with Nehaa Beotra.

Key points of discussion

  • How to overcome tough times in your life?
  • How to overcome self-doubts?
  • How to gain confidence?
  • How to overcome inner fears?
  • How to make your dreams come true? 

So, let’s dive directly into the blog to learn something that no one taught you ever.

Nehaa: How are you helping the village? And in which areas do you work?

Suman: We work in backward areas where there is a huge requirement of employment opportunities, especially for women. Talking about periods is still a taboo here. The women of these backward regions are not confident enough to come forward confidently to ask for their basic rights. Thus, we try to spread awareness among them and help them gain confidence by providing them with employment opportunities.

Nehaa: How do you spread awareness among the people of the village?

Suman: We spread the awareness for menstrual hygiene, employment opportunities, family planning, etc. through various activities such as open stages, home visits, camps, sessions and more.

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Nehaa: How did you feel when you came to know that people are going to write a story about your life?

Suman: The Pad project was started in 2017, back then, even talking about pads, menstrual cycle and hygiene were a sin, and we were going to start a pad factory. Thus, for the people, we are the biggest sinners on this earth. Amidst this mentality, it was really difficult to convince women to work with us in the factory and to use our pads for their hygiene.

It was also tough for movie-makers from America, as people tried to create problems. The purpose of the movie was to spread awareness to show how we are impacting the lives of the women by providing employment and the whole process of manufacturing the pads and benefits of using these pads. 

The name of the project was“Hoslo ki Udaan” which later changed to “Flight.”

Nehaa: What was the toughest moment of your journey?

Suman: There was a time when we were not having any projects in the institution. We were told that we would not be given any salary so it’s up to us whether to continue the work or not. At that time, it was tough for all of us, as we all belonged to a middle-class family and we were not in the state to work for free because we were not even able to afford our traveling expenses. At that time, I started a part-time job in a school to support the finances but I didn’t give up my job in the factory.

Also when we were setting up the factory in the village, one day when I was going back home from work, someone attacked me from behind. I was lucky to have survived the attack but decided not to continue the work because I was frightened. But my family and colleagues showed immense support and motivated me to overcome the fear and continue to work on my purpose.

Nehaa: How did you overcome your self-doubt and gain the confidence to go back to work after that horrifying incident?

Suman: After the attack, I didn’t go to work for 2-3 days. But the immense support of my family, especially my husband gave me the confidence to fight back. I had come so far in my journey that I had no option to go back. At the time of the attack, I was horrified that I am alone and anything can happen to me but the women of my organization came forward and supported me to gain my confidence back.


The Journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step,

no matter how much support you have but you need to

have the courage to take the first step.

Nehaa: What message would you like to give to the people having self-doubts and low confidence?

Suman: Don’t let anyone kill your dream. They are precious, keep them alive. You never know, when your dreams can come true. You don’t need a degree to fulfill your dream. You just need to work consistently and start small. 

I have been working for the past 20 years continuously to turn my dreams into reality. If you are still waiting for the right time and right resources, you need to wait for another thousand years, no one will help you out.

Nehaa: Why are such essential real-life capabilities like overcoming self-doubts are never taught to us?

Suman: These essential skills are especially not taught to women like us. Because the world we are living in, is a man’s world and they know very well that if things like self-confidence were taught to a woman, she can do miracles in her life and can easily surpass a man, which they don’t want. 

People don’t want us to be self-confident and even if any women have it by luck or god’s grace, the whole society works hard, day and night to crush that confidence to turn her into a hopeless idol.

Even in my life, some people used to hate me in the beginning, they tried everything to stop me, my character was assassinated, I was attacked, I was turned down,  laughed but they couldn’t stop me. As a result, they are ones who take selfies with me and proudly say “I know her, she is my relative”.

fist bump

Suman is on a mission. You can surely help her by supporting her. Her journey is quite inspiring. Let’s take a step forward to work for the health of women of the country because they are the backbone of the nation.

How to overcome self-doubt & act! A crucial real-life capability decoded for you today, so go out there and implement it, because the key lies in execution. 

Ideas are cheap, but the actions are priceless.

photo of Suman holding the Oscar Award


Suman lives in a remote village in Delhi and works with women on their menstrual hygiene. Suman’s life has inspired an Oscar-winning movie called “Period. End of Sentence”

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