The Self-Doubt Pandemic

No one wants to Talk About!

The pandemic, COVID 19, lockdown - many names but a common unacknowledged feeling, self-doubt, and uncertainty! 

WHO states, 220 million people in India are going through some or the other inner fitness challenges. Still, it’s surprising how little attention we pay to it.

The coronavirus outbreak has given rise to some issues we have always refrained from addressing. Neglecting our feelings, suppressing them, and thinking we’re okay because it’s just a phase has become normal to us.

 person in deep thought
  • Self-doubt? Oh no, it’s just a phase
  • Insecurities? What are you saying, you’ll get over it
  • Fear and uncertainty? You’re not the first person facing it, come on!

We generally hear some of these statements when someone gets even close to expressing what they’re feeling, but why can’t we openly address them? People don’t become aggressive or ignorant in one day out of the blue; they have always been that way. The feelings just surfaced or heightened due to unfamiliar situations.

If you don’t like the fruit on a tree, you don’t say that it’s bad and get over it. You get to its root to see what’s happening and why it turned the way it is. So, why not the same thing with feelings and insecurities? Instead of worrying about the problem, finding its source is a better option.

A scary feeling to face your problems, isn’t it? Let’s talk about it.

The source of your uncertainty and self-doubt.

The pandemic has surfaced some suppressed feelings in many individuals around the world.

a girl who is finding it difficult to express herself

These relate to uncertainty about the economy, finances, employment, health, relationships, mindset, and emotion set.

But do you think if we had paid attention to our inner challenges before the pandemic too, things would have been better? Probably.

No external situation yields so much power over you that you suddenly encounter negative feelings about yourself.

If you feel like that, maybe you need to rewind and see that your inferiority complex, self-doubt, fear of judgment, uncertainty have already been there for long in you.

but as "life happens", you never paid heed to them.

Isn't it?

There are many people in the boat, you’re not alone. But you need to acknowledge those feelings and inner challenges that are holding you back and start addressing them.

Only then can you work towards eliminating them. You may not acknowledge it, but uncertainty is a part of life; we cannot plan everything.

Poster of Perception Mastery program

Do you feel that your Career or Personal life has stopped Growing?

Are you stuck in the loop of Overthinking? Are you sitting on your problems, which is leaving you confused & Irritated all the time?

What if I tell you, that the source of all your problems is your Perception & mastering is very simple?

  • Research suggests that 42% of people in the corporate world face depression or anxiety. This means almost every 2nd person has an inner fitness challenge they are dealing with but not addressing.
  • These feelings may range from stressing about losing your job, earning money for your family, to thinking about what people may think about you. These thoughts arise in people around the world every day, but they rarely address it.
  • While we cannot control situations, we certainly can control our reactions towards them. 

You can choose to be negative, vulnerable, and anxiety-prone or courageous, strong, and an action taker.

We feel that the best reactions to such situations are worrying and suppressing them, hoping things will return to normal soon. Not even once we think about getting to its root and facing it with a head-on attitude.

Maybe it’s time to change that?

You can start doing this today, by yourself.

Just tag along with us through these 3 simple techniques, which will not only help you become aware of your emotions but will also help you take action towards eradicating them.

Change is a process, and there is no such thing as overnight transformation. Give yourself some time to adapt to these changes, to take action towards them.

1. Start embracing your problems

  • Addressing and embracing your problems is the first step you should take towards gaining clarity about your feelings.
  • If you have been suppressing and preventing them from surfacing, let it out. Be okay with having those feelings and start talking about them.
  • You will start understanding these problems and where they’re coming from once you express your feelings without fearing judgment.
  • Let yourself feel and be vulnerable.
  • Fear of judgment, failure, and embarrassment cannot get to you if you start accepting them.
  • Say, Yes, I fear what people will think about me.
  • Acknowledge those fears and accept them because they are a part of you, being denied until now.
  • Only when you gain awareness about your problem, you can take action towards eliminating them.

2. Actively deal with your Emotions

  • When you face situations out of your control, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by negativity and fear. Don’t let these intimidate you; pay attention to what you feel and why you feel it.
  • Denying negative emotions and suppressing them will only worsen the situation. It’s not a solution but an escape, which you will have to face sometime. Why not face it today?
  • Dealing with your inner challenges and listening to that self-loathing inner chatter requires feeling emotions. These emotions may be uncomfortable, but you need to make room for them to deal with them.
  • Talk to yourself, gain clarity about your feelings and about the self-sabotaging mental image you have created for yourself. Whatever emotions follow your natural run of thoughts, let them flow.
  • Let it all out, empty yourself so you can fill yourself up with positivity, and take control over your emotions.

3. Take action for things you can control

  • We know we can’t control situations, but if you channelize your energy in the right direction, you can control your reaction to those situations. 
  • We boast about having a great youth population, but we fail to address the fact that not all of them are internally fit. If each person refocuses their mind to pay attention to things they can do for themselves, it can make a difference. 
  • On a personal level, you can start doing this by paying attention to things you can control, rather than worry about those you cannot.
  • Let’s take an example; if you have lost your job or are receiving less income, instead of worrying about it, take action towards it. Refine your resume, network with people, or work on a side hustle.
  • Unless you take action, your situation and mindset will not transition to the positive side. Tweak your reaction to the uncertain things in life from negative to positive by taking action towards the things you can control.

Stop Suppressing it,

Start Addressing it!

You’re the master of your life, and uncertainties are a big part of it. Turn the odds in your favour, control what can be controlled. Stay focussed and take inspired Action every day.

Nehaa Beotra The Perception Changer


Nehaa Beotra – The Perception Changer & Founder - Thinq On Purpose. She is on a mission to give Powerful Systems to 1 million people to heal your Self-Worth, overcome your Self-doubts and make you an "Action-taker".

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Her program Outrageous Growth Intensive has helped people break their self limiting inner battles and take inspired action to grow ahead in life.

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