Keep your mind uncluttered.

Is your mind is all over the place? Do you find it difficult to focus on the problem at hand? Does it hold you up from taking better decisions?

If the answer is a yes, then you are at the right place as its time to level up your clarity.


We have all fallen prey to this.

Remember the last time you were a part of a conversation and you thought of something hilarious or witty but you couldn’t speak up because you fell into a loop of overthinking?

That negotiation where you felt like you could ask for more or maybe just add a few valuable points when the fingers were pointed towards you.

Or something simpler. Like making a basic annual or quarterly plan of action for you or your business and you dragged yourself into a sea of details, eventually, getting lost.

Every time you are unable to take action because of the multiple voices in your head, and you give up due to overthinking -- you create an unsuccessful story for yourself.

A story that you’ll probably use next time to talk yourself out of another uncomfortable situation.

If you want your mind to listen to you when you say “STOP!!” and not go rocketing into a million different thoughts... This program is for you.

Mind Clarity Blueprint is NOT a “quick fix”. You know why?

Because quick fixes don’t work.

This program helps you dive deep and find the sources of your problems and uproot them through Acceptance

Decluttering your mind so that you can focus better and be present in the moment. So that you can seize the opportunities that you’ve always hoped to seize, in a simple 5-step structure.

After Completing the Program you will get

1. Deep Inner clarity

Clearly understand where all the confusion and dissatisfaction comes from and how to manage it. 

2. Better Focus

A laser-sharp focus on the situation at hand, plus WHY you want to do that.

3. Control the monkey mind

Controlling the mind monkey whenever it goes off.

4. Take responsibility

Understand and take accountability of how your mind is trying to trick you to believe that things are out of control.

5. Learn to Accept

Accepting your situation completely and not letting it interfere or affect your current self.

6. Prioritise your actions

Prioritise your ability to take action and start taking charge of the situation.

The Simple 5 step System


Let's set in the context.

  • Why do you feel confused and unsure about what to do?


How this time machine called "Mind" plays on you?

  • What takes away your Clarity of Mind?


How to face confusing thoughts?

  • How "Positive thinking" is taking away your mental Clarity?


The first step you need to take to boost Clarity.

  • How to get "Instant Clarity" when caught up in confusion?


Power of Getting Clarity

  • How to move from Regret to Responsibility Mindset


Walking you through the Mind Clarity Blueprint.

  • 4 Powerful Steps to take to Breakthrough Inner Clarity
Nehaa Beotra

Meet Nehaa

Perceptions shape your reality and if you are not happy with your reality, time to shift your perception."

Your perceptions define your reality. Look closely. If you’re not satisfied with the way your reality turned out, it’s time to change your perceptions. The way you think guides your actions. Your actions guide the present and its results. 

Life is hard. We can’t always control how things might turn out, but what we can control is the way we process it and act on it.

You know that you deserve more .

You deserve that promotion, your dream partner, that successful business, peace, happiness & more. And all it takes is a few simple steps and a little commitment.

So allow me to guide you. Trust yourself and take the first step.


When will I get access to the content?

You will get instant access to the program the moment you invest in it. You will receive an email with your invoice and the login details so that you can start learning immediately.

Is there a refund to this program?

There is NO REFUND applicable to this.  

What do I need to start this program?

It is recommended that this program is taken in a quiet conducive place because it caters to a deep level of your inner breakthrough concepts and self-reflecting meditative stances. It is always good that you plug an earphone for additional sound clarity. Your phone or laptop where you access the course needs to have a good internet connection. A pen and a notebook for noting down the Golden Keys shared throughout the session.

Where do I write for clarifications?

Please write in at and we shall respond in 2 working days.  

Do I get a Completion Certificate?

Yes, upon completing the program you will receive a link to download your Program Completion Certificate instantly.    

What is the duration of the program?

The program is of 49 minutes.