Build a powerful Mindset & shift in your Perception to convert Obstacles in your Career,Wealth,Relationships into Opportunities of Exponential Growth in just 3 days.

  • Overcome your Negative mind chatter & gain immense Clarity in your thoughts.
  • Boost your Self Esteem, Self Confidence & overcome your self-doubts.
  • Start taking clear decisions & consistent actions to fast-track your growth.

Just 90 Minutes for 3 Days starting from

Thursday, Oct 29, 8:30 PM IST

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INR 499/-


How does this 3 Day Workshop work?

This powerful workshop comprises 5 modules with 90 minutes of recorded content & 6+ hours of live interactions, 9 templates & a Grit Journal.

Every day you will get access to 30 minutes of the recorded content. It will help you understand the concepts of Perception Mastery. Access it anytime during the day.

Join the LIVE Clarity Sessions (Thurs-Fri) to get hands on breakthrough techniques, templates & to clear all your doubts on the concepts learnt in the recorded video on that day. Session timings will be 8:30 pm -10:00 pm IST. If you miss this session you will get access to the recording for 48 hours.

On the last day (Sunday), the session will be from 7:00pm-9:30 pm. Learn how to structure & implement your 30 Day Action Plan, also Unlock all your awesome Bonuses. (Recording for the last day will NOT be provided).

Who is this workshop for?

This Power Workshop is for Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Individuals who

5D System of Perception Change
  • Feel that your Career, Wealth, Relationship or Self-growth is getting stagnant.
  • Want to break the trap of negative overthinking & start making decisions with clarity.
  • Want to Stop sitting on your problems and just start getting things done.
  • Stop being confused & irritated with yourself & people around.
  • Are looking for simple practices that you can implement in your busy schedule.

During this Power-packed Workshop, you will learn 

  • Find your ECG : Get Clarity on your Goals & Desire and Stop your thoughts being scattered all over the place.
  • 2 Step Discovery Method : Get to the source of your consistent Mind Clutter and learn to feed your mind with positive, empowering thoughts.
  • Disconnection Technique : Rewire your thinking & move from a problem to a solution oriented Mindset. (A simple technique that has been a breakthrough for all the participants.)
  • Powerful AFE technique : How to calm down in the moments of nervousness & anxiety to achieve instant peace of mind. (hint: it's never about what you think it's about how you are thinking).
  • Disrupt Method : Achieve Freedom from your Self-doubts and boost your Self Esteem (based on powerful techniques like NLP, Meditation, Guided Imaginary)
  • Mind Reframing Technique: Change any unwarranted behaviour in you by reconditioning your mind to look beyond what the current you can't see.
  • 30 day Grit Journal that will help you implement the concepts and start converting your obstacles to opportunities.(hint: You don't need opportunities, they already exist, it's all about shifting your perception.)

Register Now to unlock bonuses worth Rs 20000/-

  • Bonus 1: 5 Step Strength Finder Workbook, powerful templates to help you decode the core of your personality & use it to your maximum benefit (covered in LIVE Training)
  • Bonus 2: Printable Reinforcement Cards (covered in LIVE Training)To help you keep inspired on the go!​ Studies show that people who consistently reinforce progress within them become happier, more optimistic, and successful.
  • Bonus 3: Entry into Destiny Shapers, a Lifetime Community Access & Support. Stay in the company of supportive, like minded, inspired people. (covered in LIVE Training )
  • Bonus 4: My Step In Step Out Technique (covered in LIVE Training) a powerful and must know technique to become a go getter and create endless opportunity of Growth in your life.
  • Bonus 5: Certificate of Completion (Online)



5D System & Its Impact

"Self-Judgement, low self-worth and low self-confidence, I was stuck in this mindset. Now I am Expressing myself in any forum without thinking about what others will think. I feel relaxed and comfortable in my own skin - Deepak Patil, (Mumbai, India)

"I was stuck with Self Blaming & my past which had put lot of inner fears in me. Now I am very positive of moving ahead toward my vision & gratitude to Nehaa for getting me to see that the power lies within me. Pradnya Kadam, (Mumbai, India)

I had this challenge that I could not express myself. I used to hold myself back almost all the time. I knew my potential but did not know how to unleash. After working with Nehaa and her powerful methods, I have become confident in my skin, so I cracked the first opportunity I got. Mishi Gupta (Pune, India)



Changing Perceptions To Change Lives

Nehaa Beotra -The Perception Changer & Founder : Thinq On Purpose

By the age of 30, I had already suffered an incurable auto-immune disease, decade long-broken relationship & a high paying job that I was desperate to get out of. I chose to suffer for more than 11 years because I could not take decisions and act. It took me 5 years of consistent work to get to the root of my self-doubts & solve it. The problem & the solution lied in my past Perceptions. That is when I combined all my learning & experience into a powerful 5 step Perception Changing System. More than 2000+ people have implemented this system, let go of their inner battles & lead a life of Confidence, Clarity and Consistency.

Today I am India's First Perception Changer, President of Maharashtra WICCI Wellness Council, Awarded as Iconic Woman by Women Economic Forum, Speaker at Unplugged by TEDx Gateway, Alumni of TISS, NLP & Vipassana Practitioner & a Certified Psychometric Assessor. So, Let me give this System to you today.

Time To Master Your Perceptions!

Thursday, October 29, 8:30 PM IST




What Action-takers like you have achieved

Amanjeet Sethi

"I was always bothered about people's opinion, which had made me less tolerant and less accepting towards them. After working on the program I feel positive, clear in thoughts. I am so aware that what is in my control and what is not. I have become more expressive about my thoughts and less worried about others opinion about me"-

Amanjeet Sethi, (New Delhi, India)

mrutika Dahibhavkar

"I was lacking self-belief, which showed in my inability to express myself and I was taken over by my fears & self-doubts. I felt stuck. Today I am comfortable confronting people. I feel I am a confident person now. I don't feel stuck anymore. I believe I can achieve my set goals" -

Smrutika Dahibavkar (Mumbai, India)

Pradish testimonial

"I was always seeking validation from people, prejudice and my perception had made my life a frustrating one. Nehaa has helped me overcome my self-doubts. I have overcome all my false beliefs. I enjoyed every moment of my journey.

Pradish Krishnan, (Mumbai, India)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will I get access to the content?

You get access to the Day 1 of the recorded session 1-2 days before the date of the LIVE Workshop. You will receive an email from ToP Academy with your login Id and password. You have to complete the recorded lesson of each day before the LIVE session.

What do I need to start this program?

We recommend you to take this program in a quiet conducive place because it caters to a deep level of your inner breakthrough concepts and self-reflecting meditative stances.

Earphones for sound clarity, phone or laptop and good internet connection to access the course along with a pen and notebook to jot down the golden keys shared throughout the session are suggested.

Is this LIVE or Recorded sessions?

It's a healthy combination of Both.

Recorded : For 2 days (Thurs-Fri) you will receive the recorded sessions at 10 am.

LIVE: Thurs-Fri you will have the QnA and Clarity session at 8:30pm IST. Saturday is a break day to reflect on all the tools and techniques you have learnt. Sunday the session starts at 7pm IST.

What are the timings?

Live sessions everyday would be at 8:30 pm with an exception of Sunday.

Sunday LIVE Clarity session, would go on from 7-9:30pm where the 30 day Action plan and bonuses will be given.

What if I am unable to attend a LIVE session?

You will get access the recording of the LIVE session conducted that day incase you missed it. It will be valid for 48 hours. Please note, there would be no recording of the Sunday 7:00pm-9:30pm session. That's the only session where you won’t receive a recording.

Will I be able to download the videos?

No, its view only.

I made the investment did not get any email ?

Please write to and team will reach out ASAP.

When do I get my bonuses ?

On the last day, Sunday 7pm IST.

Will I get lifetime access to the recorded course?

No, the recorded course is yours to access for 7 days from the date of commencement of the workshop. Recording of the LIVE session (only first 2 days) will be accessible along with it.

What is the language of the program?

The program is imparted in simple, easy to understand English.

Is there a refund to this program?

NO Refund applicable for this program.