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  • How to break your comfort zone & take consistent action towards your goals.
  • How to get more clarity with proven strategies.
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Meet your Mentor

Hi, I am Nehaa Beotra. By the age of 30, I had already suffered an incurable auto-immune disease, decade long-broken relationship & a high paying job that I was desperate to get out of. I could not take decisions and act. It took me 5 years of consistent work to get to the root of my self-doubts & solve it.

The problem & the solution lied in my past Perceptions. That is when I combined all my learning & experience into a powerful 5 step Perception Changing System. More than 2000+ people have implemented this system, let go of their inner battles & lead a life of Confidence, Clarity and Consistency.

Photograph of Nehaa Beotra The Perception Changer

Today I am India's First Perception Changer, President of Maharashtra WICCI Wellness Council, Awarded as Iconic Woman by Women Economic Forum, Speaker at Unplugged by TEDx Gateway, Alumni of TISS, NLP & Vipassana Practitioner & a Certified Psychometric Assessor. So, Let me give this System to you today.

  • 10lac views + 20 k followers on LinkedIn.
  • Featured in India's Most leading brands.
  • 1000 + Working professionals enrolled from India.
  • 100 of transformational stories in her community.

How More than 1000 working professionals like you have transformed their lives

Deepak Patil changed his mindset, boosted his confidence & got immense clarity in his career

"Self-Judgement, low self-worth and low self-confidence, I was stuck in this mindset. Now I am Expressing myself in any forum without thinking about what others will think. I feel relaxed and comfortable in my own skin - Deepak Patil, (Mumbai, India)

Pradnya Kadam transformed her self beliefs & perception about her now she is growing like crazy.

"I was stuck with Self Blaming & my past which had put lot of inner fears in me. Now I am very positive of moving ahead toward my vision & gratitude to Nehaa for getting me to see that the power lies within me.Pradnya Madam, (Mumbai, India)

Mishi has got her dream job in just 10 days by shifting her mindset & belief system

I had this challenge that I could not express myself. I used to hold myself back almost all the time. I knew my potential but did not know how to unleash. After working with Nehaa and her powerful methods, I have become confident in my skin, so I cracked the first opportunity I got. Mishi Gupta (Pune, India)

Amanjeet Sethi

"I was always bothered about people's opinion, which had made me less tolerant and less accepting towards them. After working on the program I feel positive, clear in thoughts. I am so aware that what is in my control and what is not. I have become more expressive about my thoughts and less worried about others opinion about me"- Amanjeet Sethi, (New Delhi, India)

mrutika Dahibhavkar

"I was lacking self-belief, which showed in my inability to express myself and I was taken over by my fears & self-doubts. I felt stuck. Today I am comfortable confronting people. I feel I am a confident person now. I don't feel stuck anymore. I can achieve my set goals" Smrutika Dahibavkar (Mumbai, India)

Pradish testimonial

"I was always seeking validation from people, prejudice and my perception had made my life a frustrating one. Nehaa has helped me overcome my self-doubts. I have overcome all my false beliefs. I enjoyed every moment of my journey. Pradish Krishnan, (Mumbai, India)

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