Learn to Speak your mind "always"!


Do you find at a loss of words when you have to make conversation that requires you to express you point of view?

Do you find yourself holding up your point of view just because you think your conversation has no value?

Or maybe no matter how hard you try you just nervous the moment you get to know "it's your turn to speak"

If you can relate to any of those, then this Mini course is for you.

I know how discomforting and dissatisfactory it is, being in that position. Feels “awkward” as well right?

Here's what you'll be learning...

Understand the deep reality of what holds you back from making extraordinary conversations every time.

Awkward person

Why those awkward situations take over you and you cant speak well even if you want to?


What are the “3 essential elements" that can transform your conversations from ordinary to extraordinary

 a very happy person

Start making effective conversations even in difficult situations.Ground breaking technique that makes you speak.

After completing this Mini course you will understand


Being able to express your feelings in the right way. Uninhibited.


Being in the moment and focussing on the present.


Being quick and efficient with your words whenever necessary.


Put your best foot forward in every conversation you make.

Learn the 3 essential elements to make effective conversations.

Investment of ONLY INR 499/-



When will I get access to the content?

You will get instant access to the program the moment you invest in it. You will receive an email with your invoice and the login details so that you can start learning immediately.

Is there a refund to this program?

As you get 100% access to the program upon you make the investment, thus there is NO REFUND applicable to this.  

What do I need to start this program?

It is recommended that this program is taken in a quiet conducive place. It is always good that you plug an ear phone for additional sound clarity. Your phone or laptop where you access the course needs to have a good internet connection. A pen and a notebook for noting down the concepts shared through out the session.

Where do I write for clarifications?

Please write in at and we shall respond in 2 working days.  

Do I get a completion Certificate?

Yes, upon completing the program you will receive a link to download your Program Completion Certificate instantly.    

What is the duration of the program?

The program is for 15 minutes.