Saira William

"I had gone through a major setback in my life it had put me into a zone of Depression, Anger and consistent Negativity. After working with Nehaa on the Program Outrageous Growth Intensive & the Challenge, today I feel I have become cool as cucumber :)
I am my first priority
I feel so clear and sorted about my career and my future
. I am becoming positive in every situation and cool headed. Some of the powerful techniques shared in the program have worked like magic for me

Saira Salvez, (Mumbai, India)

Bhanvi Alugh

"Self negative talk & a repeated pattern of self sabotage that's what I was stuck with. With Outrageous Growth Challenge, let me tell you it's a journey. With each passing day, I discovered my real side more & more. Today I feel confident,I feel strong. I have learnt to keep calm amidst a heated environment. My negative self talk & limiting beliefs have gone so small"

- Bhanvi Alugh (New Delhi, India)


"I was stuck with Self Blaming & my past which had put lot of inner fears in me. Today I realise all the goodness in life which has made me a better person. I am very positive of moving ahead toward my vision & gratitude to Nehaa for getting us through to see that the power lies within us.I feel wonderful and will continue to do so. I am looking forward to be the best version of myself.The techniques in the Outrageous Growth Challenge has created the magic within me."-

Pradnya Kadam, (Mumbai, India)

Amanjeet Sethi

"I was always bothered about people's opinion, which had made me less tolerant and less accepting towards them. After working with Nehaa on the Program Outrageous Growth Intensive & the Challenge, I feel positive, clear in thoughts. I am so aware that what is in my control and what is not. I have become more expressive about my thoughts and less worried about others opinion about me"-

Amanjeet Sethi, (New Delhi, India)

mrutika Dahibhavkar

"I was lacking self-belief, which showed in my inability to express myself and i was taken over by my fears & self-doubts. I felt stuck. After working on the Program Outrageous Growth Intensive & Outrageous Growth Challenge, today I am comfortable confronting people and even asking questions. I have started to believe in myself and take inspired actions.I feel I am a confident person now. I don't feel stuck anymore. I believe I can achieve my set goals"

-Smrutika Dahibavkar (Mumbai, India)

Pradish testimonial

"I was always seeking validation from people, prejudice and my perception had made my life a frustrating one. Nehaa has helped me overcome my self-doubts, clarified my strengths and goals to boost me with super self-confidence. I have overcome all my false beliefs. I enjoyed every moment of my journey.Thanks to Nehaa for helping me win over my doubts"-

Pradish Krishnan, (Mumbai, India)

Poster of Perception Mastery program

Do you feel that your Career or Personal life has stopped Growing?

  • Get immense Clarity & Stop your mind being scattered all over the place.
  • Learn to feed your mind with positive, empowering thoughts.
  • Start converting perceived Obstacles to Opportunities.

"Self-Judgement, low self-worth and low self-confidence, I was stuck in this mindset. After working with Nehaa on the Outrageous Growth Intensive and the 30 day Challenge, now I am Expressing myself in any forum without thinking about what others will think. I face things as they come , cleared 5 rounds of interview by completely being my self and not portraying what I am not.I feel relaxed and comfortable in my own skin.
I can clearly sense my actual potential which was hidden due to lot of self judgement.

Deepak Patil, (Mumbai, India)

charan testimonial

"Distraction, lack of clarity and wrong perception was dominating me. After working with Nehaa , I prioritized the things, became an action taker to become what I wanted to be. The result is clear - I landed a job within 45 days of working with Nehaa. Thanks a lot for helping me out and understanding my weaknesses, I am a changed person now."

- Naga Charan Meda (Sweden)

Rathish testimonial

"I was very unclear and hesitant in decision making. Nehaa helped me eliminate the slackness from my life and offered simple steps to unlock my potential. Now, I feel I can do more, with clear targets and processes. I worked on online courses, started being consistent in LinkedIn Blog posting and much more."

- Rathish K (Japan)

Bhaskar Testimonial

The structured systems have really helped me to evolve into a more confident version of me. I highly recommend ToP expert Nehaa who can make a big difference to your life with her systematic approach. "Progressing in my life, one perception at a time"

- Bhaskar Thouti (Mumbai, India)

Sanjay Testimonial

"I have become extremely non-critical towards self and others"

The best part about working with Nehaa is that she follows a system. So there is no scope for randomness. This system has helped me in my personal journey of overcoming self doubts and make me an action taker. Today I have become an effective smart decision maker, my problem-solving ability has improved exponentially as  I assess situations objectively not the I want to understand it.

- Sanjay Shevade (Mumbai, India)


"I cracked a new job within 10 days, I feel so confident now."

Well I had this challenge that I could not express myself. I used to hold myself back almost all the time. I knew my potential but did not know how to unleash. After working with Nehaa and her powerful methods, well I have become confident in my skin, so I cracked the first opportunity I got.

- Mishi Gupta (Pune, India)

Image showing a person learning online using their laptop


Personal growth and success are just a few actions away. Unblock your path to success with step by step systems that work.

Profile pic of Neeraj Sanghi

"This journey with Nehaa has touched my heart deeply.

I focus on SMART Goals now, and the result is that I have written so many poems during this period.

- Neeraj Sanghi (Mumbai, India)

Nisha Dixit

I always felt that I am not able to control my actions. My emotions are not in sync with my actions. Working with Nehaa was so much full of realisations. One of the best was the SRSA Technique which tells about our representation. Now, I feel powered to have complete control of emotions and actions."

- Nisha Dixit (Mumbai, India)

Vandana testimonial

I was just not able to express myself assertively. Despite being at a leadership position I just couldn't express myself the way i wanted. After working on the system with Nehaa, I've become so forthright that this time my appraisal discussion went upto 18 hours. I was clear cut and focused in my answers and most importantly I was in a solution oriented mindset not stuck with my self worth.

- Vandana Vawal (Mumbai, India)

Amit Choudhary

"I overcame fear of confrontation & failure."

Nehaa's system helped me rediscover myself and create my path to become an achiever. It helped me overcome my fear of confrontation, failure. The action plans and tools help in continuous improvement. I really recommend Nehaa to all of you who want to be achievers and overcome your fears in life. 

- Amit Choudhary (Mumbai India)

Sanjivani testimonial

"I speak less and do more. I always wanted to revamp my personal and professional life, but every-time I wanted to take an action, something within me held me back. I was frustrated to the core. When I started working on the 5 Step System by Nehaa I realised the power I hold within me. Today I am a watcher of my own thoughts, I speak less and I do more and I am ready to take my personal and professional life to the next level.

Sanjivani Navalkar (Mumbai India)

Swarupa testimonial

I have attended Nehaa’s session and it has helped me understand myself in every aspect. The tools suggested by Nehaa will make your life easy, it will enable you to achieve your success and your goals. I will recommend this session to everyone who wants to get going in life.

Swarupa Mhatre (Mumbai India)

There are so many learning and realizations that I am taking from this session. From being grateful to cutting down the energy vampires are two of my topmost learning. Nehaa made it so easy for us to incorporate these steps in daily life. Not using phone-in 1st and Last hour of the day is also exciting. Thanks for this session

- Narayanan K (Mumbai, India)

"I felt insecure due to overthinking about my weaknesses. In this session of Nehaa, I found that I was focusing too much on my weaknesses which were nothing in front of my strengths. Finding positivism in challenges was an amazing point by Nehaa. Thanks for the gratitude list"

- Vidyadhar (Mumbai, India)

"I have been a victim of procrastination. I lost a few big opportunities due to this habit. Nehaa helped me in shifting my perception from perfection to progress, I have achieved goals quicker with better results. I would like to take more sessions from her"

- Rahul (Pune, India)


"This system works". I was confused and indecisive in a lot of situations. Will this program work? Will I feel good for a day and then go back to being under confident after returning to my natural environment? Nehaa changed my perception! She gave me simple solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable. It isn’t an overnight cure, it is her simple 5D system that works if only you are ready to work. 

- Shreya Mehta (Mumbai India)


I have attended Nehaa’s session and I must say I felt very enthusiastic and positive. Nehaa has shared some valuable tools and techniques that will immensely help me in my professional life on a day to day basis. This will definitely bring in a lot of transformation, I can already feel the changes in me. I will definitely recommend this to everyone who is serious about growing in life.

Mayuresh Kulkarni (Mumbai India)


When I first met Nehaa I was not even able to state what my problem was, I knew I needed some correction. Well that’s my problem that I could not even express my problem. So I felt the need to work with Nehaa and now, well it speaks for itself that I could clearly articulate what’s my problem, what’s on my mind. I highly recommend Nehaa's work to all the people who feel they need to work on themselves, your approach towards looking at your problems will change completely and it will change your perception to solve other problems of your life too.

Dinesh Choithani (Mumbai India)